Trading Club Rules 


In our Club we provide you both Intraday Calls & Positional Calls which is well researched data by both Technical & Mathematical* strategies.

 Why we are  100% Option Traders  

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Our Trading Counters
- Nifty Options     
- Bank Nifty Options      
- Stock Options from Nifty 50 &
- Stock Options from Nifty Next 50

Trading Calls will be Delivered in

All trading calls will be delivered at our private TELEGRAM / App channel.
Follow every instructions & stay connected with our TELEGRAM channel during market hours (i.e. 9.00 A.M - 3.30 P.M).


Basic Requirements to Joining the Club
  1) Communication Language to be known : Tamil & English
  2) Minimum Capital Required Rs:1,00,000
  3) Basic Knowledge of how to Buy & Sell in Option Market
  4) Minimum 1 Year of Trading Experience in Option Market.

Four things which we do not interfere with clients

​  1) Clients Capital (or) Investment
  2) Clients Number of Trading Quantity's/Lots
  3) Clients Risk Level or Recovery (Accept the given Stop-Loss before entering the trade)
  4) Clients Level of Profit Booking

Our Trading Strategy


  No :1 - Capital is more important than your profit.
  No :2 - No Multi-Trades.
  No :3 - Buy at Low or Sell at High. ( No in-between trades)   
 No :4  -  Less RiskHuge Profit.
  No :5 - Movement should be Quick and Big.

  No :6 - Wait for the Right Time to enter the Right Trade.

Our Work


       Our Work Involves Research & Selection of the Best Stock with High Accuracy Trading Data which leads to Good Profit with Less RiskMovement should be Quick and Big. 

  1) Our Success Ratio & Data Accuracy ( Max : 10:9 & Min: 10:7 )

  2) Total CALLS per Month : 40 - 50 Calls + Jackpot Calls.

  3) Total CALLS per Day : 1- 3 Calls 

  4) Risk Per Trade will be around = Rs:2,000/Lot 
       i) No.Of Loss Trades Per Trade     = 2
                       Average Risk Per Day     = Rs:4,000  

       ii) No further trades after your 
 3rd continious Loss  for the Day 

  5) Risk-Reward Ratio :  1:3
      1 Profit Trade = 3 Loss Trades 


  6) Option Trading CALLS DATA Shuffle% per Day :
          i) Option Trading Position  :  60% 
         ii) Option Holding Position  :  40%

" we encourage Our Client's to take part only in Day-tratrading, Taking Part in Holding or                                           BTST/STBT Calls is based on Clients Intrest & Risk".

        NOTE : We give Holding & BTST/STBT Positional Calls only for client's satisfaction,                                        who is ready to accept his own risk for Good Profit.

  7) We Will be active for 12-15 Working Days / Month, rest of the days is Optional.
       we will try to Avoid Trading During 
Optional Days Like :


          - Sideways  Market Day,

          - Big Gap Opening  - Up or Down , ( Market Crash )

          - After Our Big Profit Booking Day - the next day will be a Relaxation.

        NOTE : Since the market is a fluctuating zone the given Trading CALLS entry value                                        will not be exactly same as market value there will be small differences                                            but close to Current Market Value.

Capital Required 

NOTE : If your increasing your Lots your risk will also increas so it might      automatically affect the strength of your capital.

Risk Level in Trading Call
Every single trading call given will have a minimum risk of Rs:2000 as Stop Loss.

          Note : This risk should be accepted by the client before executing our trading call. 

SL Investment.PNG

Why because once Stop-Loss Triggers you will Loose only your Stop-Loss Rest of the Money will be Back to your Account.

Types Of Trade Exits (Stop-Loss):

   Maximum your Stop-Loss will be the Days Low of a option.
    1) Once Rs :2000 Loss hits Exit the trade or if Stop Loss given by us hits Exit.


    2) Update Trailing Stop-Loss 
        Example:  Buy Tatasteel 1460 CE AUG @ 35 SL:32 Targets: 40,45,50

        - Once the market price gets Closer to the first target (Ex39.90 ) or Breaks                             the First Target (Ex : 41)

        - You should change or update Stop-Loss to your Buy Rate (Ex : 35 )

trailing stop losss.jpg
3) In some Special Cases we Initiate the Exit.

     Note : We Will Not Intimate You To Exit The Trade Everytime, So Once Stop Loss                                             Triggers or Satisfies above conditions, Exit The Trade Immediately.

Directional Support Point (Special Stop-Loss)

            A Directional Support is also a type of Stop-Loss which can be a Index or Stock Value or a Option Value which will act as a major support point which declare whether to Exit a Trade, Hold the Trade or Re-enter the Trade.

    - This Directional Support helps in trading the Sideways Market, Market Reversal,                           Profit Booked Re-Entry Trades, Option Depreciation Market.

Directional Support vs Stop-Loss
       Directional Support helps in Safe Entry and Safe Exit.
       Stop-Loss helps only in Safe Exit.

In Some Case: A trading call may have both Directional Support & Stop-Loss at this time your first preference would be given to Directional support.

     - In this case if even Stop-Loss is braked but still Directional Support is not braked
        you should intimate us that Stop-Loss is braked & you should re-enter the same                    trade placing day low as Stop-Loss until Directional Support is braked.

Directional Support Point.jpg
Major Rules To Be Followed as a Club Trader

1) Not Every Month the Market will not have good move or profit as we expected, so you            should not expect big profit every month, some times there will be less profits than we          expect, so Market movement might be up or down that is not a problem but Sideways          Market is a big problem for option traders, during this Sideway Trend we will face the          Option Depreciation which will affect the  option premium.     

    So, Tolerance is Your First Rule.
Trading Possibility per Year.PNG
2) Profit Satisfaction (Minimum Probability)
     So, Being Satisfied is Your Second Rule.

3) Taking Less Number Of Trades & making decent profit is better than taking                       Multi-Trades a Day & Ending Up With Loss. So, We Execute Less Number Of                     Trades with Higher Chance Of Making Profit Or Exit With Minimum Loss. We                 Enter the trade only if the move is Quick & Big.

     So, Being Patient is Your Third Rule.
4) All our trading calls will have Minimum Risk (Stop Loss) of around Rs: 2000.                       you should exit the trade once our stop loss triggers or Rs: 2000 Loss. 

                     Even If You Loose 3 Trades  It Can Be Recovered by 1 Trade itself.
                                               3 Loss Trades = 1 Profit Trade

                                                   Our Recovery Ratio = 1:3 

     - Let your Profit Run & cut your Losses Short.
Profit on good days make you Feel Strong, When you are in Loss on bad days.

     So, Discipline Is Your Fourth Rule.     

5)  We don’t trade in Sideways Market.          
Our strategy does not work on market time news based stocks & We                                   maximum try to Exit or Avoid Playing On These Respective Stocks.        

        Note 1 During the above period or when we think the market is unstable, We don’t                                         give trading calls , which will be intimated before the market opens or before                                     10.00 AM. 
 2 Considering a month has 20 trading days, in some situation like improper Or                                      unstable market conditions  Trading calls may not be given for the entire                                            month. During this period no individual from our club can force us to give                                          trading calls.

             "We Will Take Account Of The Club As A Whole Not As An Individual".

So, Self-Possession is Your Fifth Rule. 

6)  When we give Holding positions - Its Client's Intrest to  whether Hold the Position or           not.

       - When we give Holding Positions the Client can Enter the Trade as Intraday by                    Placing the Given Stop Loss or Day Low as SL & the Client can Exit the Trade Before            the Market Close.

       - When the Client  decides to hold the position Over Night  - The Client should                      accept the overnight Risk  himself & then want to hold the position.
          Who should not take Participate in Holding Positions ?
       - People who's Capital is Less then Rs:50,000 should not take part in Holding                        Positions. 

So, Risk Management & Money Management is Your Sixth Rule.

       Examples of Overnight Risk :

  • Any International News Situation can make Market Crash Over Night.

  • Any Positive or Negative news announcement can make Overnight changes to the next day market or Stock direction.

7) Maintain Even Number of Lots Throught the Month
     Number of Lot is Decided by the Client Based On Their Profit & Risk Level but it                 should be Even Till Month End.

      Example : If You use 1 LOT  At the Beginning of the Month Maintain the Same Number                          of LOTS Throughout  the Month.

     So, Self- Control is your Seventh Rule.

even lots.PNG
8)  We usually trade on OTM Calls, once our OTM CALL becomes ATM or ITM call, we              will book that call and Rollover to the next nearby OTM Call as per the Risk.

      So, Flexibility is your Eighth Rule

Types Of Trade Exits (Targets/Profits):

Maximum your Stop-Loss will be the Days Low of a option.

1) Update your
Trailing Stop-Loss (Buy Rate method - Buy Rate is your Final Stop-Loss)

2) If you have
more than 2 LOTS reduce your lots (Book 50% of your LOTS) when the              trade reaches above your first target or second target.

Market Profit Booking
    Sometime when there is a high expectation of rally or big move in the index/stock            options which is already in rally mode then  there will be a profit booking at days            high  which means there will be a small down fall after that there might be a
Re-rally again or sometime Direction Reversal fall.

 At this time we initiate the trade exit
Method :1  Book Profits at day high & re-enter the trade after a small down fall (or)
Method :2  Re-enter the trade when it breaks the day high again (or)
Method :3  Book your Profits completely & Exit from trade.

Advantage of Following this method
         i) Your Position will be Safe from Reversal.
        ii) You Can Re-Enter the Same Position at low price 3-5 points lesser than your                         Previous Profit Booking & also you can extend your Stop-Loss .


4) Book your Profits & exit from trade at any time as per your risk / wish (satisfaction).

In case of loss
    In case if your in a loss for the day in previous trades (1st Trade ) e.g. Rs:2,000
    Now you have entered a fresh trade on the current day now your in profit e.g.                        Rs:2,000
At this case :  If your in loss in previous trade & your loss get recovered by                                                     further trades you should not extend your targets for extra profits                                       instead you should book your profit when your previous trade loss get                                   recovered and exit the trade.

      - Let Your Profit Run & Cut Your Losses Short.
Profit on Good Days Make you Feel Strong, When you are in Loss on Bad Days.

Averaging the Position


    Usually we don't average positions but in some extream cases to reduce the risk level we have to average the position.

Averaging The Position.png

Sometime, we initiate the Position Average.

Holding vs Intraday

While we give a Holding Positional call
    - It is client wish whether to Take Participate in Holding Position or not.
    - If the client wish to take part in holding position, then the client should accept the              overnight risk & then he can hold the position.
    - If the Client doesn't Accept the Over Night Risk then the Client can convert the                    Holding Position into Intraday Trade by Closing the Trade Before Market Close (3.30            p.m) & also by Placing Given Stop-Loss or can Keep Day Low as Stop-Loss.

Any Data/Content/Information belonging to the Club, Shared or Disclosed outside the Club will be a punishable offence. Henceforth the person will be terminated immediately from the Club.