MILLIONAIRE STOCKZ offers a wide range of Consulting Services only on National Stock Exchange ( NSE ) related Investment Ideas & Trading Tips .

We provide trading tips only for option segments 

Nifty Options     
Bank Nifty Options      
Stocks from Nifty 50 &
Stocks from Nifty Next 50

 We are 100% Only Option Traders 

 All these calls are the recommendations or best opinions which are generated from Mathematical & Fundamental data Analytics, Technical Analysis, Current financial  affairs & Other Forecasted External Economical Conditions (of Foreign Markets). This is the reason behind Maximum Accuracy in our daily calls in cash and F&O segments.

We have been guiding our clients to achieve their investment goals for several years. Our business has been built upon the core principle of putting our
Clients interests first.

We are able to work with clients across the world who have access to internet. We receive no compensation from any person or third party other than Clients or Prospective Clients.

We partner with our clients to develop engaging Trading strategies, High Data Accuracy, Scalable Solutions and Build Rich Trading Experiences .

Millionaire Stockz provides data of best quality & accuracy at low cost.

Risks and profits are the two domains of the equity market which found their germination due to market’s volatile and dynamic nature. Whether you trade in stock cash, future or option these all are leverage products and bear substantial risks within them which may not be suitable for all.
Hence, it’s advised to invest only the capital that you can digest to lose.

Our Share Market Tips services are fabricated for all types of traders and investors. Consult us in order to know which service best suits your investment strategy.

Because we believe,



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We provide live market update & data to our clients