Millionaire Stockz Club

Our club not only concentrates on trading, but also on Group Investments & Group Funding businesses like Venture Capitalist, Private Equity, Public Equities, IPO'S, Immovable Property etc.

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The Capital For These Businesses will Be Generated From Our Special Trading Calls.

Beginners will be trained for a period of 3 – 6 Months to increase their Trading Experience by directly trading our calls. We will then filter each individual based on their performance with our Trading Calls for the Next 1 year. Then again Filtered Individual Will Be Examined based on below criteria :

  • Persistent 

  • Trustworthiness

  • Trading Knowledge & Trading Psychology

  • Trading Skills & Performance

  • Risk Management & Money Management

  • Behavior & Communication within the Club

  • Problem-solving skills in Trading & Business

  • Fund Raising from Trading

  • Social Influence

  • Professions/Business - Traders

  • Education

  • City

And Once We Are Satisfied With The Performance, That Individual will Be Selected & given Rights to be the Member Of Our Club

We will select only Limited number of people in the club. Once the club is full, selection process will be stopped. After which addition of new members will not be entertained.
Rights of the Member in Club
  • Right to vote.
  • Right to take part in any discussion or meeting.
  • Right to take business from people to people within the club with prior intimation to the club.
  • Right to invest in any Club Business Ideas.
  • Rights to transfer his Membership.
    -Member can only Transfer his/her Membership & Rights to his/her Heir.

Sub Club

Every investing & funding decision making will be done only through proper research with Respective Departments in the Club (Sub-Clubs). we will select the people from the club according to their

  • Education  

  • Knowledge & Experience

  • Nature of Business 

The selected people will be Segregated under their respective Sub-Clubs like

  • Research Club

  • Finance Club 

  • Legal Club

  • Voting Club etc.


Project Selection

Step : 1 -  After completing the Research, Sub -Clubs  will Submit their Reports.
Step : 2 -  we will examine and discuss the report with the club members in a                                     meeting about the projects Pros and Cons / Clarifying Members Doubts                                 about the Project.
Step : 3 -  Final decision Making will be taken by every single member of the club by                         his right to vote.
Step : 4 -  Once  Majority of Voting is taken ,we will execute the concerned Project.
                 If there is no majority, the project will be dropped automatically ,taking                   into account that the club members are not interested in the Project.

Note : Every Final decision Making will be taken by each member of the club through              Voting System 

How funding works
How funding works

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Private equity vs Venture capital
Private equity vs Venture capital

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How funding works
How funding works

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Note : Once the Club has enough members we will register (with all  legal approval)
 Updates will be Intimated soon in the website.