Equity Investment   
& Delivery 

  • Delivery calls are nothing but to earn more profit when compared to Intraday but there is big profits can be made with patience.
  • More than one day holding or taking position on particular stock or any financial instrument is called as Delivery Trading.
  • Time frame may be differed from more than 1 day. Delivery calls can be done by any kind of people who do not have time to watch daily, whoever in Business, Job, Often in Out station reg work, No time to check in office.
What are Equities ?

Equity Delivery Specialized Features:

  1. We provide 10-15 delivery calls per month .

  2. We provide calls during market hours 9.00 AM TO 3.30 PM.

  3. Calls will be given via Telegram

  4. Place orders using : (GTT Orders)-Good till triggered it will be well & good If the trader hold his trading account in ZERODHA. (If you need to open your zerodha demat & trading account we can help you).

  5. After executing our BUY Call you should place your GTT Sell Order with Target Price.

  6. Minimum Capital Required - Rs: 1,00,000, more than that it is clients choice to increase their capital (No limits)

  7. Calls will be provide only from NSE Stocks mostly from Nifty 50, Nifty Next 50 & Nifty 100.

  8. We update genuine performance & we generate each Equity Delivery calls purely based on mathematical & Fundamental basis, so less chance to hitting stop loss price.

  9. No trial calls since the target will not reach the same day. So clients can check our past  performance before subscribing.

  10. We maintain 80% - 90% accuracy so traders can do delivery calls by maintaining strict stop loss.

  11. Make Diversified Investments (e.g. BTST, BWSW, Short Term & Long Term). Don't put all your capital in to single Stocks.

  12. 3 Target will  be given for Delivery calls and it will be from  5% to 10% from recommended  price. (First Target  book 40%  ,Second Target Book 30% & For Third  Target Book Completely )

  13. When the stock moves above our buy rate update Your Trailing Stop-loss.(GTT Order)

  14. Once your first target is hit ,at least your Buy rate should be the final Stop-Loss or above Buy rate..

  15. Maximum we choose Stocks which  will  complete its targets within 1 month, but if it doesn't reach our target within a month, At that time if the current price of the stock is in profit from recommended price or with 3-5% then client can book profit as per their choice.

  16. If prices reduces for an stock don’t average without our confirmation.

  17. Profit and Loss are common in Stock Market.

Sample Calls:

Delivery CALL (BTST): BUY TataSteel Above 300 Target 310, 320 SL 289 

Delivery CALL (Short Term): BUY Titan Above 800 Target 820, 840,860 SL 779 

Delivery CALL (Long Term): BUY Reliance Above 900 Target 1200, 1400,1600,2000 SL 850 

Follow Ups:

Update: TataSteel 1st Target Hit 310  Book 50% Profit.

Update: Titan 2nd Target Hit 840  Book 80% Profit.

Update: Reliance 4th Target Hit 2000 Book completely and exit.

4 things which we do not interfere with clients
1) Clients Capital (or) Investment. 
2) Clients Trading Quantity/Lot Size.
3) Clients Risk Level or Recovery. 
4) Clients Profit Booking Levels.



  1. Security Market Investment Is Subjected To Market Risk And Past Performance Is Not a Guarantee Of Future Performance.

  2. We do not have any refund policy, so won’t entertain any money refund case. profit and loss of services are totally borne by the client.

  3. Dear clients Millionaire Stockz does not claim/give any assured/ guaranteed return, don’t trade on personal calls, trade only in Company Research calls. Please beware of fraud calls/sms.

  4. Dear Traders/Investors before Subscribing any product of Millionaire Stockz please read Disclaimer, Disclosure, Term & Conditions, Privacy PolicyRefund Policy of the company etc.