Angel Traders

A Trader will be considered as a Angel Trader who's Trading Capital is more than 10 LAKH or Capasity to place order More/ Minimum 10 Lots in F&O Segments. Angel Traders are eligible to take huge number of lots for huge profit with an ideology of professional trading strategies.

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Rules to be followed as an Angel Trader

1 ) The client should confirm his presence in the morning within 9.00-9.30 AM.
     If you don't confirm your presence we consider that you are not intrested in             participating on the market on  the current day.
     (So you don't recive any trading calls on that particular day).

2) Once the client confirm his precence we will consider every call which we give         to you us a executed Calls.

3) Once the given trading call is executed you should send us your Trade Book &          Trading Position Screen Shots Immedietly.

       Point 1 : The LotSize Should Not be less then 10 Lot.
                     (You can also increase your Lot Size according to your Risk Level).
       Point 2 : For Every Single Lot there will be Stop-Loss of Rs:1000
                       So for Minimum Quantity : 10 Lots x 1000 =10,000 is your Stop-Loss                        Risk. 

      Note : You should enter the trade only if you accept Minimum Risk of                                   Rs:10,000 as Stop-Loss.

4) Once the position is taken, you should be connected with us till you close your       positions. So it will be very easy to update you about your position status.

5) After closing the position send as your Trade Book & Trading Position Screen            Shots Immedietly.

6) Profit sharing should be settled on the Current Trading day itself. If not you            will not recive any trading calls untill you complete your last payment (Profit        Sharing amount ).

7) Once the Profit sharing Fund is Transfered then send us the Screenshot of              Fund Transfer Details.

   Angel Traders will Recive the Trading Calls in the      First Place.  

Trading Calls will be Delivered in
All Trading Calls will be Delivered at Our Private TELEGRAM Channel.
Follow every Instructions & STAY Connected with our TELEGRAM Channel During Market Hours (i.e. 9.00 A.M - 3.30 P.M).

Our Work

Our Work Involves Research & Selection of the Best Stock with High Accuracy Trading Data which leads to Good Profit with Less Risk. 

  1) Our Success Ratio ( Max : 10:9 & Min: 10:7 )
  2) Data Accuracy ( Max : 100% & Min : 80% )
  3) Total CALLS per Month : 50 - 60 Calls + Jackpot Calls
  4) CALLS DATA Shuffle% per Day :
       i) Option Trading : 90%
      ii) Future Trading10%
  5) We Will be active for 12-15 Working Days / Month, Rest of the Days is Optional
Optional Days will be :

          - Sideways  Market Day,

          - Big Gap Opening  - Up or Down ,

          - After Our big Profit Booking Day -the next day will be a Relaxation.

NOTE : Since the Market is a fluctuating Zone the given CALLS or DATA Value                     will not be Exactly same as Market value there will be small differences               but close to Accurate value.

Our Trading Strategy


  No :1 - Less RiskHuge Profit.
  No :2 - Buy at Low or Sell at High  ( Always Try to Enter the Trade at Low Rate )    No :3 - Movement should be Quick and Big
  No :4 - Capital is more important than your profit.

  No :5 - Wait for the Right Time to enter the Right Trade.

Risk Level in Trading Call
Every single Trading Call given will have a minimum Risk of Rs:1000 as STOP LOSS, This Risk Should be Accepted by the Client Before Executing Our Trading Call.

  Types Of Trade Exits :

    1) Once Rs :1000 Loss Hits Exit The Trade Or If Stop Loss Hits Exit

    2) If The Buy (Option) is Given At 35 With Stop-Loss : 32 And Targets Are 40,45,50

        Once The Market Price Gets Closer To The First Target (Ex39.90 ) or Breakes            the First Target (Ex : 41)

        You Should Change Your Stop-Loss to Your Buy Rate (Ex : 35 )

     3) In Some Special Cases We Initiate the Exits.

Note : We Will Not Intimate You To Exit The Trade Everytime, So Once Stop Loss              Triggers or Satisfies above conditions, Exit The Trade Immediately.


According to Rule No : 3 - "Capital Is More Important Than Your Profit"

Any Data/Content/Information belonging to the Club, Shared or Disclosed outside the Club will be a punishable offence. Henceforth the person will be terminated immediately from the Club.